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FALL 2001

REVISED FOR FALL 2001 - by the GAASA Board

August 27, 2001 and September 25, 2001


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"Any and all information contained within the COACHING MANUAL, as well as any information and/or rules distributed verbally or by written flyer, is subject to change, alteration or deletion by the Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association Executive Board at any time, with or without notice."


This Manual is for the use of Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Associationís clubs, coaches, referees, players and/or parents.It may be reproduced for distribution.





Modification of FIFA Rules

The Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association COACHING MANUAL is intended to provide information and guidance for club coaches and administrators.The information contained herein recaps the rules under which we play soccer matches in this league.Each item of information is a rule, or group of rules, but this COACHING MANUAL is not the GAASA Rule Book.The wording used here is not always the precise wording of the applicable rule as it appears in the FIFA Laws of the Game, USSF Administrative Handbook, Ohio Youth Soccer-North Constitution and Rules, Ohio Soccer North Constitution and Rules, and/or the GAASA Constitution, Bylaws and Resolutions.It is that wording and intent (of the actual rules) which has legal force in matters of dispute.Furthermore, all information and rules in the COACHING MANUAL are subject to change without notice.


The Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association (GAASA) plays matches under the rules of FIFA, the international governing body.The first rule in the FIFA rulebook allows modification of the Laws of the Game for various age groups and to suit local conditions.GAASA has chosen to modify many rules of the game, as outlined in this publication, to suit women's play and play for both younger and older players.Only the rules so modified and published may be changed.


The Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association is affiliated in good standing with the Ohio Youth Soccer Association--North (OYSA-N), and with the Ohio Soccer Assn.--North (OSA-N), the seniorís body.OYSA-N is affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and through it, with USSoccer (the USSF), the governing body in North America.OSA-N is directly affiliated with USSoccer.It is the duty and obligation of each member club in this league to follow the rules which will preserve the good standing of GAASA with OYSA-N and OSA-N, and with USSoccer, so that all teams and players in our league will have the right to play in all sanctioned events.






Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association has many divisions available for teams at all levels of ability.For adults, there is a women's division with two levels, open men, and 2-3 levels of senior men.For youth teams, there are competitive divisions (Classic 1-2-3, etc.)Youth girls may play on youth boyís teams.However, the girl to boy ration may not exceed 50% of the total players on the team.In the event of an uneven number of players, the ratio is rounded down for the number of girls on the team.This team is considered a youth boys team.Youth girls may play on youth girls-only team and this is considered a girlís team.Youth boys may only play on a youth boyís team.


Each classic division is treated separately.All Youth Competitive (Classic) Divisions have playoffs for at least the top four per division.


Each level of play offered increases in difficulty, and/or the level of skill of the players.For example, Classic 1 is the top division, the teams are highly competitive and the players relatively skilled.Classic 2 is still very competitive, but the players are not as experienced or skilled. Classic 3 has some skilled players but most are beginners.


GAASA very carefully examines your request to place a team in a given division, based on your own estimate of the team's ability and our past experience with the team and/or coach.GAASA has the final say on which division a team is placed in, and reserves the right to move any team up or down in order to balance the level of play and number of teams in each division.In general, such factors as past experience with the team or coach, the number of players from which a club draws its teams, the number and ages of the players on the team, and other things which influence the competitiveness of a team are considered by the GAASA Board in placing your team in a division.The decision of the GAASA Board in placing your team is final and may not be appealed or challenged.


Only teams that play in Classic Divisions are eligible for the Ohio Youth Soccer Association--North State Cup Tournament, and/or for travel permits to tournaments held outside OYSA-N jurisdiction.If interested, please contact GAASA for an opinion and help in entering.GAASA conducts Playoffs for Classic Divisions at the end of each season.


Please note that GAASA is permitted to make rules governing its age groups, divisions and team eligibility, which may differ substantially from those of either Ohio-North (the seniors body) or OYSA-North, the youth State Association.Most of these differences govern levels of play and player movement between teams.Before sending money or entering any tournament, you should consult GAASA to make sure your team would be considered eligible.







OPEN MEN††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ANY AGE

OPEN WOMEN†††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† ANY AGE

SENIOR WOMEN†††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 30 as of season start*

SENIOR WOMEN Over 40†††††††††† ††††††††††† 30 as of season start

SENIOR MEN I (very competitive) ††††††††††† 30 as of season start

SENIOR MEN II (competitive)††††††††††† 30 as of season start

SENIOR MEN III (recreational)††††††††††† 30 as of season start

SENIOR MEN Over 40†††††††††† ††††††††††† 40 as of season start**

*Exception:Womenís Over 30 teams are allowed up to 4 players 25 or older

**Exception: No new players can added to an over 40 Senior Men team that are less than 40 years of age.


YOUTH DIVISIONS (Under 19 years of age)

U18 CLASSIC BOYS (Spring Season Only)

U18 CLASSIC GIRLS (Spring Season Only) †††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

U17 CLASSIC BOYS (Spring Season Only)

U17 CLASSIC GIRLS (Spring Season Only)

U16 CLASSIC BOYS (Spring Season Only)

U16 CLASSIC GIRLS (Spring Season Only)

U15 CLASSIC BOYS (Spring Season Only) †††† †††††††††††††††††††††††

U15 CLASSIC GIRLS (Spring Season Only) †††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

U14 CLASSIC BOYS††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

U14 CLASSIC GIRLS†††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

U13 CLASSIC BOYS††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††

U13 CLASSIC GIRLS†††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††

U12 CLASSIC BOYS††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

U12 CLASSIC GIRLS†††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††








        Age groups may be combined in the event of an insufficient number of teams per age group.

        Based on the number of teams registered, as many as 4 divisions per age group, per gender may be created.





(Alphabetical order)




GAASA furnishes a 3-man referee system only for selected divisions and playoffs.Each team for all other games must supply volunteer club linesmen, unless the referee indicates he prefers to work without any linesmen.This choice is at the discretion of the referee alone.


Each team should be prepared to furnish a mature individual who is able to keep up with play.


Club linesmen will assist the referee by indicating when the entire ball is over the entire touch line (sideline), and will have no other duties including indicating the direction of the throw, unless previously instructed by the referee.The judgment of the club linesman on any matter, including whether the ball is over the touchline, may be overruled at any time by the referee, but any spectator, player or coach may not challenge it.


Coaching, or shouting instructions or encouragement, at any time, by the club linesmen is strictly prohibited.No one is permitted to coach outside the coaching box that extends 10 yards in either direction from the centerline.



Coaches are responsible for the behavior of the players, spectators, and themselves.Each coach is responsible for the conduct of every person, including guests on their side of the field.A coach is recognized by GAASA as a participant in the match and may receive yellow and red cards from the referee.The referee is not required to warn coaches before issuing either yellow or red cards.


Coaching is restricted to the team area only, which should be marked by the home team during field preparation, and which extends 10 yards to either side of the of the mid-field line.


No person may move up and down the length of the touchline for the purpose of coaching, instructing players or shouting encouragement.


Except for the referee(s) and players in a game, no other person is allowed on the field unless, and until, authorized by the referee.


Spectators, coaches and substitute players are required to remain at least 5 feet back from the touchline on their side of the field to allow the linesman a clear view down the field.

Fighting by any persons, either in the game or on the sidelines, and/or loud verbal abuse or physical/verbal assault of the referee, shall be grounds to immediately suspend the match if the referee chooses.Such a decision is that of the referee alone.The coach will be held responsible by the league.The league also has the right to begin disciplinary proceedings in the event league officers witness such actions, even when the referee does not choose to take action.If a referee suspends play, or if a match is interrupted for any reason, the outcome of suspended matches will be decided solely by GAASA disciplinary committee based on the referee's report and game reports.


Poor conduct by a team, leading to suspension of a match, will be grounds for forfeiting a match by a score of 0-6 (or the score at the time of suspension) at a minimum, and GAASA has the right to impose harsher penalties.



Failure of a team to show up (field a minimum of 7 players for U12 teams and up or a minimum of 6 players for U9, U10, U11 teams, one of whom must play as a goalkeeper) at a scheduled or rescheduled game by the expiration of the 15-minute grace period will result in the no-show team forfeiting by a score of 0-6 and paying the total referee fee.These games will not be rescheduled.The commissioner must be notified and a Game Report submitted to GAASA by the team that does appear.



It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to have the field in proper condition for regular season and post-season games.The field must be properly marked to the satisfaction of the referee.This includes nets.In the absence of nets or a properly prepared field, the referee has the right to suspend the game with the home team forfeiting by a score of 0-6.


Plastic traffic cones, regulation corner flags (on posts with a minimum height of 5 feet, with rounded tops), or spring loaded corner flags must be positioned at the corners of the field for games.Corner arcs must be marked.


It is the responsibility of the VISITING TEAM to arrive on time at the field, early enough to allow the referee to check in the players before the scheduled start of the game.GAASA allows a 15-minute grace period only to allow teams to correct field preparation problems and for late arrival of teams and officials.


The Home team coach/players will choose their side of the field; the Opposing team coach/players will take the same side of the field as the home team coach/players (tournament format).All parents are to take the opposite side of the field from the players.


The referee shall decide the playability of a field due to weather conditions or line marking only.



A team which has forfeited three (3) games in any given season, will, upon the fourth forfeit, loose their club bond and the coach of said team will be suspended for a minimum of one year (12 months) per team occurrence effective with the date of the letter of suspension. Forfeits are by a score of 0-6.


Any club, which has a team suspended after registration, forfeits its bond money, and must bring its bond account back to current requirements at the next registration.


In the opinion of the Executive Board, any team that forfeits any of its last three games, or commits any other action prior to the Playoffs, in order to gain a competitive advantage, automatically forfeits its right to compete in the Playoffs for that season.



It is the responsibility of the coach to complete the GAASA Game Report, and submit it in a timely fashion, for all exceptional situations, good or bad.Game reports should be submitted for referee no-shows if you expect a refund or payment to a volunteer referee.This Game Report Form is located on the www.gaasa.org website.See the appeals and protests policy as outlined.



Each coach must be ready to present the referee with the official G.A.A.S.A. GAME ROSTER and validated player passes for each player planning to participate in the match.Each coach must co-operate with the referee at player check-in, and have the team ready to check-in whenever the referee desires.The referee will keep each team's passes and game roster, and will return the passes at the conclusion of the game.At least one validated coach pass is REQUIRED for each team.


The referee is responsible for starting each match as close to the scheduled time as possible.


After the game is over, please remember to secure the passes back from the referee and check them carefully to make sure all passes are returned.


Passes of players/coaches (anyone receiving a Red Card or sent off) will be retained by the referee for review and disciplinary action by GAASA.Coaches will be notified as to the disposition of the pass as well as when and how it will be returned by GAASA.Generally, yellow and red cards will be shown when given, but it is not necessary for the referee to show a yellow or red card, or to verbally warn any person before taking stronger action, or to directly notify any person that he has been sent off from a match.It is not necessary for the referee to obtain or retain the passes of sent off players in order for disciplinary action to proceed.Upon written notification through a game report that a person has been sent off by the referee, disciplinary action will proceed.If you have questions about red cards or disciplinary action, contact the Youth or Senior Vice President immediately.The Executive Vice President of GAASA heads the disciplinary committee.



"Playing Up"

It is permissible in any Youth Division for a maximum of three "guest" players from a younger team to move up to a higher age division for any one game.This is called "playing up", and any younger player can "play up" a maximum of three games per season, but older players may never play down and same-age players may not cross divisions (for example, a U10 Classic 3 player may play U11 Classic 1, 2, 3; a U10 Classic 2 player may play U11 Classic 2 or 1 only; a U10 Classic 1 player may play U11 Classic 1 only.)All players must come from within the same club.†† Playing up is not permitted in the Playoffs...teams must play with their registered league rosters in Playoffs.Once a guest player has played the fourth game (up), the participation automatically makes that player a member of the older team (by an involuntary transfer). This counts against the total transfer count for the team during the seasonal year.


Only U-9ís may cross divisions.



During the season, it is important that coaches, parents and club officials honor the lines of communication established by the GAASA Executive Board for efficient handling of concerns.


Disciplinary problems will always be handled between the person being disciplined and the Executive Vice President of GAASA.The Executive Vice President may notify the Club Representative and/or Club President at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee.



ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE A VALID PLAYER PASS to play in any match during the regular season or a post-season game.To get a valid player pass, all players and coaches must be properly registered with their club, GAASA, the state association and the national association by following our standard registration procedures and paying their fees.All coaches must have a valid coach pass in addition to completing a Coach Registration Form and a Kidís Safe Form.Both the Coach Registration Form and the Kidís Safe Form must be filed with OYSA-N prior to coaching a game.


Player and coach registration is the act of signing up to participate and paying fees to a member club of GAASA.Team registration is the act of turning in Team Registration Forms and Waivers, Team Rosters, and paying fees to GAASA each fall or spring at GAASA registration.Player and coach rostering is the act of placing a player or coach on a specific team.


Team registration can only occur at GAASA registration--no late registration of teams is permitted.After GAASA registration, late registration of any player must be performed by the GAASA Registrar ONLY, and must be accomplished by mail.Mail the new player pass, proof of age (birth certificate or other, if required), proper registration form for new players, and the officially stamped (pink) copy of the team roster to the GAASA Registrar.Fees must be enclosed.The player's pass cannot be validated if any of the required material is missing.


PLAYERS REGISTER once a year, with initial registration in the fall season.New player passes are required of ALL youth players each fall, or for new players in the spring.New players in the spring are defined as those who did not play on a carded (USSF/USYSA-affiliated) team in the fall.Players belong to one team for the full seasonal year, which is defined as both the fall and spring seasons, and may be transferred only by following state and/or national rules.A player's date of rostering with a team is defined by national rule as the date on which he plays his first match with that team.


TEAMS ARE REQUIRED by GAASA to register each time for both fall and spring seasons.Coaches register with teams and must be updated immediately if changed at any time.



Participating in the Playoffs is an obligation of belonging to GAASA.Nevertheless, the league recognizes the right of teams to also participate in other tournaments.


A team may forfeit its right to participate in GAASA Playoffs (in which event the next qualified team will take its place) so long as the GAASA Board Member is notified in writing at least two (2) weeks in advance.Any team that qualifies for the Playoffs that does not take part nor notify a GAASA Board Member at least two (2) weeks in advance will cause its club to forfeit its total bond, and the bond must be brought back to current requirements at the next registration.



Every referee, including volunteers in no-show cases, has complete and total authority for the conduct of the match and to enforce discipline from the moment he arrives at the field until he leaves.This includes all pre-game and post-game activities.


The authority and judgment of a referee shall not be challenged, nor may his judgment be appealed.



The referee has 15 minutes after the start of the game time to show up to the field of play.Both teams must remain at the field during this 15-minute grace period.


At the Classic and Open levels, all teams should play with a registered referee assigned by GAASA.If a referee fails to show:


        A reschedule will be generated if the teams contact the division commissioner and file a game report, or


        If the two head coaches agree to play a match at which the assigned referee does not show up, all effort must be made to use a registered referee, a trained referee or a mature former player.In such cases, both head coaches must agree to the volunteer in advance. If the head coaches agree to use a volunteer official, the final score of said match must be reported and will be considered valid and recorded by the league to determine standings for playoffs.In the event that a volunteer is used to referee a game, the volunteer is to collect both game reports; complete with his/her name, address, and social security number, and mail to the PO Box address as directed on the game report.This volunteer will be reimbursed for travel expenses.


        In no case may a scrimmage match be played.


        The HOME TEAM must report all referee no-shows to their Division Commissioner, whether the game is played or not.The Commissioner will report all referee no-shows to the Administrative Assistant, Jeff Blazeff at 330-773-4634.


        In addition, a Game Report showing the referee no-show and whether the game was played must be filed in writing with GAASA at P.O. Box 1512, Akron, OH 44309-1512.A copy of this form is also located on www.gaasa.org that can be submitted from the website.




All scores are to be called into the Divisional Commissioner assigned to your level of play.A club official may report scores, but someone, physically at the game, must report any other matters.Scores must be reported for all games played within 48 hours of the conclusion of the match, or the score will automatically revert to a 0-0 tie.In any event, all scores for the preceding week must be reported to the commissioner no later than 8:00 p.m. Sunday night so the commissioner can report it to the Executive Administrator by the deadline.The winning team is responsible for reporting the score to the Commissioner.In case of a tie, the Home team is responsible.Reporting scores is an obligation of the team coach.



Players may be registered and added to a team's roster up through the deadline set and announced each season by the Executive Board.A team may never exceed the maximum number of players on its roster.


The roster limit to register teams for Youth Division U9, U10 and U11 is as follows:

Minimum: 8 players

Maximum: 14 players


The roster limit to register teams for Youth Division U12 to U18 is as follows:

Minimum: 11 players

Maximum: 18 players


The roster limit to register teams for Senior Division is as follows:

Minimum: 11 players

Maximum: 22 players




An accurate listing of names and addresses of all coaches (head coach and up to 2 alternates) must be registered and updated throughout the season as needed.



Soccer is a game.It is intended to be fun for all participants, not just the winning team.Without a worthy opponent, no purpose is served in playing any competitive game; running up a score either by accident or to embarrass an opponent, is pointless.


Greater Akron enforces a 6-goal maximum margin of victory policy.No matter what the actual score, no more than a 6-goal margin will be recorded or published.Both the actual score and the 6-goal scores are to be reported to the Divisional Commissioner in order to enforce GAASA's disciplinary policy.Since forfeits are by a minimum score (0-4), no competitive advantage is gained by winning by more than a 4-0 count.


The following rule will apply for all youth division of U14 and under.


        A win by a margin of 6 goals is acceptable to GAASA, with the 6-goal differential being recorded, or published.

        A win by a margin of 7 or 8 goals will count as only 1 point, rather than 3 points for the win, with only a 6-goal differential being recorded and published.

        A win by a margin of 9 goals or greater will result in a forfeit of the match by a 0 Ė 6 score, as well as the loss of the clubís bond.

        The club bond must be replenished within 5 days from the time the club is notified.Failure to replenish the club bond within the 5 days will result in all scheduled games, of all teams, within said club, being recorded as a forfeit from the time of notification until such time as the club bond is replenished.

        Any own-goals scored by either team to circumvent these rules, will result in a forfeit.


Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association tries to ensure that teams are put in the correct division at the time of registration.However, it may appear that a team is in the wrong division due to players being dropped from a team or new players being added to a team after the original registration date.This is no excuse for teams who consistently run up the score on their opponent and GAASA will no longer tolerate this action.



No more than 4 players can be replaced on a team roster from fall to spring, from one club to another, but new players can always be added to the spring team roster up to the roster limit.Replacing registered players with new players is known as making a transfer.Moving a registered player from one team to another within the same club is also a transfer but has no limit in GAASA.


OYSA-N AND USYSA LIMIT THE NUMBER OF YOUTH TRANSFERS TO THREE PER TEAM IN ONE SEASONAL YEAR (from fall season to spring season).GAASA allows up to four per roster movement from outside the club.The effect of this difference is that a team may be legal for GAASA play, but illegal for State Cup/Tournament/National events.Consult the GAASA board before sending money to enter any tournament if you have questions about this rule.





1 -- All communications should be presented ONLY to the Divisional Commissioner for your division.

2 -- The Commissioner will then contact the Youth VP or the Senior VP as appropriate for your division.

3 -- The VP will then contact the appropriate person to resolve the problem or question at hand.

4 -- The communication/response will then be passed back down to you through the Commissioner so that everyone knows and is informed about the outcome/answer.

5 -- In the event this procedure is followed without receiving a response within two weeks, you should write the GASSA Board a complete report and mail it to: P.O. Box 1512, Akron, OH 44309-1512.Please do not call board members.







This policy adopted to assure all persons involved in GAASA soccer matches understand the manner in which the league will address such incidents, and understand that their participation in the league subjects them to the rules contained in the policy.By taking these steps, we are not trying to find ways to punish the great people involved in our soccer programs, we are simply trying to maintain the sense of fair play that has always been present in our games.


Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is defined by GAASA as unwelcome touching, striking or the verbal threat to do so.The league will not tolerate this conduct.Any physical abuse of a referee by any coach, player or spectator, or by a referee against any coach, player or spectator, whether occurring preceding, during or following a game, will result in an immediate ban of the offending person from future GAASA games and the incident will be referred to Ohio Youth Soccer Association-North for consideration of further disciplinary action.


Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is defined by GAASA as a verbal attack of a sustained, excessive, obscene or offensive nature.It is not intended to include mere dialogue or questions by or among coaches and/or referees.



Upon any initial incident of verbal abuse directed toward a referee, any player, any coach or any other spectator, the referee will stop the match (if it is ongoing) to warn the coach and allow the coach to advise his spectator(s) of the warning and counsel the spectator(s) to cease immediately.If such incident occurs before a match, the referee will similarly warn the coach and instruct the coach to warn his spectator(s).If such incident occurs following a match, the referee will notify the league and the incident will be considered an initial incident for purposes of the offending teamís next game.


A repeat offense occurring during the same match will be cause for stoppage of the match, at the sole discretion of the referee, and thereupon the team associated with the offending spectator(s) will forfeit the match.Such team must immediately provide the name(s) of the abusive spectator(s) to the referee.If the team refuses to do so, it will be suspended immediately from all GAASA matches until the offending person(s) is identified in writing to the President of GAASA.


A second incident of abuse occurring at a future match by the same offender during the same season will result in suspension of the player associated with such person for the remainder of the season, or for the entire next season if the incident occurs during the last match of the season.An automatic fine of $100 will be imposed on that teamís parent club.


A third incident of abuse occurring at a future match by any spectator(s) from the same team during the same season will result in suspension of that team for the remainder of the season, or for the entire next season if the incident occurs during the last match of the season.An automatic fine of $200 will also be imposed on that teamís parent club.


The league will maintain records of spectator offenses from season to season.


Coaches and Players

Current rules concerning yellow/red card procedures apply.



Upon any initial incident of verbal abuse by a referee directed towards any player, coach or other spectator, the coach observing the behavior shall report it to the league using the game report system.The league will notify the referee of the report, and caution the referee against any future similar conduct.


A second incident of abuse occurring at a future match by the same referee during the same season will result in suspension of the referee from officiating league games for the remainder of the season, or for the entire next season if the incident occurs during the last match of the season.


The league will maintain records of referee offenses from season to season.





(Alphabetical Order)



GAASA games are played under FIFA Laws of the Game as modified by these local rules.






GAASA recognizes the fact that the majority of clubs do not have the final say over the use of their fields.The Board of Education or the Parks & Recreation Division within their community controls most fields.In the event that a field is shut down by one of the above due to inclement weather the following steps must be taken:


1.††††††††††† NOTIFY:

The GAASA Administrative Assistant (330-773-4634)




The Club's President



6:00 p.m. on the night prior to any scheduled game


2.                  The Administrative Assistant will notify the appropriate Division Commissioner.


3.                  After receiving the call from the Administrative Assistant, the Division Commissioner will notify the opposing teams.


4.†††††† The Administrative Assistant will notify the referee assignor so that the referee may be



5.†††††† All reschedules must be handled according to the schedule/reschedule policy as defined.


6.†††††† Any club that fails to report by 6:00 p.m. will result in the following:

a) Said club being responsible for any and all referee fees and

b) Said club's rescheduled game will automatically be rescheduled to opposing teams





It is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to have the field in proper condition for regular season and post-season games.The field must be properly marked to the satisfaction of the referee.This includes lined, nets and corner flags.In the absence of nets or a properly prepared field, the referee has the right to suspend the game with the home team forfeiting by a score of 0-6.


Plastic traffic cones (minimum of 2 feet tall), regulation corner flags (on posts with a minimum height of 5 feet, with rounded tops), or spring loaded corner flags must be positioned at the corners of the field for games.Corner arcs must be marked.


It is the responsibility of the VISITING TEAM to arrive on time at the field, early enough to allow the referee to check in the players before the scheduled start of the game.GAASA allows a 15-minute grace period only to allow teams to correct field preparation problems and for late arrival of teams and officials.


The Home team coach/players will choose their side of the field; the Opposing team coach/players will take the same side of the field as the home team coach/players (tournament format).All spectators are to take the opposite side of the field from the players.


Only the referee can decide the playability of a field due to weather conditions or line marking only.



Game Reports are to be filed on an EXCEPTION-ONLY basis, i.e., in the event of a situation (notably good or bad) requiring the attention of the league.Referee judgment shall not be challenged in any way.Forms are available on the GAASA Web Site.


Game Reports Forms must be used to report each referee no-show for which the club expects a refund or credit of referee fees.In the event a club official is used to replace a referee, his name, address and phone number must be shown in order for GAASA to reimburse him/her. These forms are available on the GAASA website.



Each coach MUST give the referee a game roster for each match, following the same form as the official GAASA Game Roster Sheet, before the start of the game, and this roster will be checked against player passes.At a minimum, the game roster must show club, team name, and team number for both home and visiting teams; game date and game number from your official schedule; league division; your coach's name, full mailing address including zip code, and home phone number; and for each player:

††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

Jersey Number

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† USSF/USYSA Pass Number (usually social security #)

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† First Name & Last Name


Official forms are available from the GAASA SoccerWorks software.A pre-printed form with written information is also acceptable.



All players except the goalkeeper must wear like-colored jerseys with a permanently attached number for identification.Each goalkeeper must wear a shirt different in color from either team.Goalkeepers do not need permanently affixed numbers.In case of a conflict in the color of team jerseys, it is the responsibility of the HOME TEAM to change to an alternate color.If the home team must change colors, the alternate shirts do not need numbers so long as the original numbered jerseys are worn underneath.


Warm-ups, compression shorts (sliders, bicycle pants), or long pants may be worn during a game ONLY if they are the same color as the uniform shorts, and then only with the approval of the referee.This option is not at the discretion of either team coach.


Casts and other support equipment such a braces must be padded and covered in such a way as to not be dangerous to another player.It is at the complete discretion of the referee as to whether or not a player may participate while wearing casts, braces or anything else other than the approved uniform.There is no appeal on each individual decision of each referee; the fact that one referee permitted the item in one game shall not be grounds for approval of the item in a different game.


All players are required to wear SHIN GUARDS in GAASA games at all times.The cleats on soccer shoes and their condition are at the discretion of the referee.Shoes designed for other sports including baseball, football and rugby shoes are not allowed.Referees should not allow cleats that could potentially injure another player.Cleats that are sharp or otherwise dangerous should not be allowed.



All players must have a validated player pass at the field in order to play.Coaches will be required to have passes.Referees will not permit players to play without a pass, and will not permit teams to start a match unless a coach with a pass is present.A team using, or attempting to use, a player or coach who does not have a valid pass will forfeit the game by a score of 0-6.Any attempt to use another person's pass will be dealt with harshly with a minimum suspension of 1 game or more for the coach, the entire team and/or the club.



Referee fees will be paid by GAASA from the funds that were deposited by each club and/or team at registration.Therefore, no money is to be paid to the referee on the field prior to the start of the game by anyone.In the event of a referee no-show, a game report must be filed and your commissioner must be notified.This will generate either a reschedule (Competitive Divisions ONLY) or a refund or credit of referee fees at next season's registration.







(Alphabetical order)




GAASA operates a league-wide youth All-Star program.Each youth coach is required to nominate at least three players from their own team or may elect to have his own players elect three players from their team.You must report these nominations to your division commissioner after the sixth game of each season.Any Clubís team(s) that fails to send players to the All-Star Game will be assessed $40.00 per team at the next registration.



Awards, if any, will only be distributed through GAASA Playoffs. The awards offered for any individual season and their rate of distribution will be detailed in the Playoff Handout for the current season.Playoff rules and schedules are posted on the GAASA Web Site at least one month prior to each playoff.



Referees are required by the FIFA Laws to deal harshly with fouls against the game...fouls, which are intended to replace soccer skill with brute force.In particular, referees are required to issue red cards to any players who intentionally commit so-called "professional" defensive fouls, no matter how forcefully, in order to stop play of the game, and/or breakaways, when there is a clear scoring opportunity.



Many entities that own or control your fields (park boards, school boards, etc.) may require a certificate of insurance before they will allow you to play or practice.The purpose of this document is to prove that you belong to an organization that carries sufficient liability insurance, and to add the name of the entity that owns your field to the coverage.


Any GAASA club or team may obtain a certificate of insurance by directly contacting Ohio Youth Soccer--North, P.O. Box 367, Richfield, OH 44286, phone 330-659-0989, and FAX number 330-659-0993.Kay Catlett is Executive Director of OYSA-N, and the street address is 4615 W. Streetsboro Road, Richfield, OH 44286.Insurance certificates for field of adult play may be obtained by contacting the GAASA Senior Vice President, or Dick Rogers, member of the OSA-N at 216-382-8114.



All GAASA divisions are to take long corner kicks.



The HOME TEAM is responsible to supply a suitable game ball, which must be acceptable to the referee.


All U9, U10, U11, U12 will use a Size 4 ball.All other divisions including Adult teams will use a Size 5 ball.



As has been league policy for previous seasons, teams will be allowed two exceptions for dates that they will not be available for league play (tournaments, school functions, etc).These exceptions must be listed on your team wavier at registration.Only two exceptions will be accepted.Competition in the State Cup Tournament takes precedence over league games, and teams must be excused to participate.Teams should indicate their intention to participate in State Cup (The Sam Bothwell Memorial Tournament) at registration so they can be given a bye on the weekend of the regional qualifying tournament.Teams qualifying for State Cup finals will be rescheduled on an as-needed basis.


Additionally, there will be space provided for individuals who are listed as the head coach of two teams to list said teams.Some effort will then be made by the league to provide a schedule that will allow the coach to perform his/her duties with a minimum of conflicts.With respect to actual game rescheduling, the following policies and procedures are now in effect:


Once the preliminary schedule has been made available to the membership, any game reschedules that are asked for (omitted from the team waiver) that are not the result of an error on the part of the league will be assessed a $10.00 processing fee.One week is provided for these changes to be made.


The following steps are to be taken once the week has passed and the final schedule is generated:


        Only two reschedules will be granted in addition to any previous reschedules and they must be asked for at least one week prior to the original game date.


        The team requesting the change is to contact their opponent and settle on a mutually acceptable date.


        The team requesting the change will then notify the commissioner of the division, who will in turn notify the League's Administrative Assistant, Jeff Blazeff.


        The fees for these reschedules are $30.00 for the first one and $50.00 for the second.These fees are to be mailed to the attention of JEFF BLAZEFF, 2215 Canterbury Circle, Akron, OH44319 and the check made payable to GAASA.


        Any reschedule fees not received will be billed to the club after the season or at the next registration.The club is ultimately responsible for reschedule fees incurred by their coaches.


        No reschedules will be granted during the last seven days of the regular season under the above conditions.


Please keep in mind that these policies do not relate to reschedules due to weather or referee no-shows. Very infrequently, the U.S. National Team or U.S. Olympic Team may play a match in the area.Teams wishing to attend such matches will be given a reschedule on an as-needed basis.


All efforts will be made to reschedule all games that are terminated prior to the start of the second half as a result of bad weather conditions and/or darkness.Any requests for reschedules of this nature must be called in to your division commissioner no more than 48 hours after the originally scheduled game. Both coaches must agree upon all rescheduled games and the rescheduled game must take place within 14 days of the original scheduled game. In the event that a date and time cannot be agreed upon within the 14-day period, scheduling of said game will be made by the appropriate youth or senior VP or the Administrative Assistant.Any team which fails to show for said reschedule will automatically forfeit by a 0-6 score.


Any unexcused team which fails to show up for play or fields less than seven players by the expiration of the grace period forfeits by a 0-6 score.There is no reschedule for team no-shows.


Any team(s) that reschedules a game without the permission of the league will result in both teams double-forfeiting by a score of 0-0 (NO POINTS) as well as a forfeit of both club bonds.

There will also be an automatic 4-game suspension for both coaches involved. If a club bond is revoked, the bond must be replenished within five (5) days from the time the club is notified.Failure to replenish the club bond within the five (5) days will result in all scheduled games, or all teams, or said club being recorded as a forfeit from the time of notification until such time as the club bond is replenished.Coaches who reschedule games on their own must be made aware that if the game is not sanctioned by the league, the insurance provided by OYSA-N and OSA-N will not be in effect.This opens up possible litigation to the coach, the club, and the league.DONíT DO IT.



A grace period of 15 minutes beyond the scheduled game time will be allowed in order for:

        Either team to field a minimum of seven players (U12-Adult teams) or six players for U9-11 teams)

        To allow the referee to arrive

        To allow the home team to complete or correct field preparation


The penalty for failure to properly prepare a field is forfeiture by the home team by a 0-6 score.The failure of one or the other teams to field 7 players for U12 age teams and up or 6 players for U9 through U11 age teams by the expiration of the grace period shall be penalized by forfeiture of the match by the late/no-show team by a 0-6 score.



By virtue of affiliation and registration with the Ohio Youth Soccer Association--North, Ohio Soccer--North (the senior body), and through them, US Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation, the Greater Akron Amateur Soccer Association has both liability and secondary coverage medical insurance for every player, coach, club officer and league official.


There are certain rules, used to monitor and control coverage and/or claims, which pertain to insurance.


Adult Divisions pay for secondary coverage medical insurance through OSA-N.Secondary coverage means the insurance pays only after your own medical insurance (usually through work) has paid the portion of the cost for which it is responsible.If you do not have your own coverage, then OSA-N or OYSA-N coverage becomes primary and will cover your costs except for a deductible.


To file an adult player claim, the injured player must contact Dick Rogers at Ohio Soccer-North, phone 216-382-8114 as soon as possible following the injury.


To file a youth player claim, contact Pam Menick at Ohio Youth Soccer-North, phone 330-659-0989.


Both OYSA-N and OSA-N now require that you file your secondary insurance claims with them at the same time you file your primary coverage claims through your primary insurance coverage.


Injuries in practice and games, as well as while traveling to and from practice and games, are covered by this insurance, but there are conditions and exclusions, which may apply.



DIVISIONS†† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† HALF-TIME††††††††††††† ††††††††††† LENGTH OF GAMES

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††† ††††††††††† (Length of Each Half)


U9-U10-U11 Divisions†††††††††† ††††††††††† 5 Minutes††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 60 Minutes

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† (2 x 30-minute halves)


U12 Divisions†† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† 5 Minutes††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 60 Minutes

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† (2 x 30-minute halves)


U13 Division††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† 5 Minutes††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 70 Minutes

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† (2 x 35-minute halves)


U14-U15-U16 Divisions†††††††††† ††††††††††† 5 Minutes††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 80 Minutes

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† (2 x 40-minute halves)


U17-U18-U19 Divisions†††††††††† ††††††††††† 5 Minutes††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 90 Minutes

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† (2 x 45-minute halves)††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

Adult Open Divisions†††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 5 Minutes††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 90 Minutes

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† (2 x 45-minute halves)


Adult Senior Divisions†††††††††† ††††††††††† 10 Minutes††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† 90 Minutes

(30/40)†††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† (2 x 45-minute halves)


NOTE -- Only the referee is the official timekeeper during any match





Seven players constitute the minimum number needed by each team to start a match for U12 age teams and up; six players constitutes the minimum number needed by each team for U9, U10 or U11 age teams; in both cases, one player must play as a goalkeeper.The referee shall start the match as soon after the scheduled time as possible whenever both teams can field at least the required number of players.The grace period shall not be used to allow a team to wait for full eleven players.



Any game abandoned PRIOR to the start of the second half, no matter what the reason, other than behavior problems, will not be considered official.GAASA will make a determination whether or not the game will be replayed.Any game abandoned after the start (kickoff) of the second half will be considered official if abandoned due to weather or safety, and the score at that time will be reported as the official score.Any game abandoned by the referee after the second half kickoff for other reasons (such as lack of discipline) will be reported to GAASA, which will make the final determination as to the outcome, and final score of the game based on the referee's report.



Overtimes of any form are not permitted to break ties in any divisions during the regular season.This rule is intended to keep field schedules on time; nevertheless, there shall be no overtime even if only one game is scheduled on the field.Games tied at the end of regulation time shall be recorded as tie games in the standings, and each team will receive one point towards the Playoffs.Overtime may be used in the Playoffs.See the Playoffs Handout for the overtime procedure used this season.



A soccer field is considered dimensionally acceptable if it is accepted by GAASA for scheduling.At any multi-field facility, the home team has the right to designate which field shall be used for the game no matter what field number is assigned.However, only the referee has the right to determine the acceptability of a field for any given match, and he may abandon the match or require modifications to the field for reasons of markings and/or safety.Each referee has the right to make this determination for each individual match without regard to any previous rulings.The HOME TEAM is responsible for having the field marked, corners marked and nets hung by game time.


Goals must be anchored securely to the ground.Portable goals may only be used if they satisfy this requirement.



        The field of play shall be rectangular, its length being not more than 80 yards nor less than 70 yards and its width not more than 50 yards nor less than 40 yards.The length in all cases shall exceed the width.USYSA Recommendation: Length: 70 yards, Width 50 yards


        Goal: 7 feet high and 21 feet wide



        GAASA Field dimension recommendation: 60í x 80í

        Goal: 7 feet high and 21 feet wide


U12-U19, Open, Senior M/W††

        The field of play must be rectangular.The length of the touchline must be greater than the length of the goal line.Length Minimum 100 yards, Maximum 130 yards. Width Minimum 50 yards, Maximum 100 yards.


        Goal: 8 feet high and 8 yards wide



GAASA conducts Playoffs in all classic and open divisions.Youth playoffs are conducted in a single-site, tournament-style format.The Senior Vice President arranges open division playoffs.


The winner of the Playoffs determines each competitive division champion, not by finishing first in the regular season.The team that finishes first in regular season will also receive and award.The purpose of the regular season is to qualify teams for the Playoffs and determine the seeding used in the tournament.


The method of qualifying for the Playoffs and the conduct is complex and varies within each division based on the number of teams that enter the league each season.For that reason, a separate handout is prepared each season detailing how, when and where the Playoffs will be conducted.This handout will also detail the qualification criteria for each division that season.This information will be posted on the GAASA Web site about 1 month prior to the playoffs.


Every competitive team that enters GAASA has an obligation to compete in the Playoffs if qualified.However, GAASA also recognizes the fact that teams may make a commitment to participate in another tournament before they know for certain that they have qualified for the GAASA Playoffs.Therefore, teams may be excused from the Playoffs if they notify the GAASA Board in writing and/or through the division commissioner at least 2 weeks prior to the date of that season's Playoffs.If a team is excused, all teams below them in the regular season standings move up one place for purposes of playoff seeding.


If a team qualifies, fails to get an excuse, and still does not take part in the Playoffs, the club forfeits its club bond that must be replenished to current standards at the next registration.





When the margin reaches +6 in any match, the referee may remind the winning coach of the GAASA policy, but the referee has no authority to force coaches to adopt one of the following:


1 -- Switch players around to different positions

2 -- Establish a minimum number of touches by the team, and/or by each player.

3 -- Pull one or more players off the field until some parity between the teams is achieved.

4 -- Limit players from the winning team to the defensive half of the field.



Only the Administrative Assistant of GAASA is authorized to report league game scores or details to the media under any circumstances.Any reporting of game scores or details to the media which results in a game score being reported by more than the 6-goal margin limit will result in the same disciplinary actions outlined above, and additional disciplinary action against the team which may include forfeiting the match in question by a 0-6 score.


Currently scores are reported to the Akron Beacon Journal and the West Side Leader.



Matters, including the conduct of officials, brought to the attention of GAASA, will be subject to review or submission to the Referee Association for review, but remedies will never include changing the result of a match.



Slide tackling is not allowed in the Senior Women, Senior Men Over-30 Divisions, or Senior Men Over 40.



In the competitive (Classic and Open) divisions, standings are used to determine Playoff eligibility.Standings are determined based on points with 3 points awarded for each win, 1 point awarded for each tie, and no (0) points awarded for each loss.For the rules governing ties in the standings and other Playoff matters, see the Playoff Handout for this season.



Every youth team in good standing with GAASA and OYSA-N, which has maintained a legal roster throughout the seasonal year, is entitled to enter the Snickers or Sam Bothwell Memorial State Cup Tournament which determines OYSA-N state champions each spring.Every club is provided a copy of the State Cup entry form with its registration packet in January.Contact your club president or club representative for an entry form if your team wishes to play in the state tournament.There are multiple levels of play and GAASA will give your team a bye from league play in order to participate in the state tournament.



The referee must authorize all substitutions by making a direct and unmistakable sign to the coach that he has permission to substitute.Play will not begin until all players leaving the game are off the field.


Substitution, in all levels of play, is allowed with permission:


††††††††††† *Prior to a throw-in in your team's favor


††††††††††† *Prior to a goal kick by either team


*At any injury time-out, limited to one-for-one, with both teams permitted to make a one-for-one substitution


††††††††††† *After a goal is scored by either team


††††††††††† *When a player has been cautioned (only the yellow-carded player may be replaced)


††††††††††† *At half time





The team movement policy allows coaches and/or clubs to request placement in specific divisions to meet their own team development goals, but also to allows the Executive Board to preserve the balance of each division and smooth out scheduling.The final decision on placing a team in a division always rests with the GAASA Executive Board and may not be challenged or appealed.


Every team which finishes first or second in its division during the regular season or Playoffs may be promoted by the Executive Board, assuming there is room in the higher division after the number of teams entering that age group is divided evenly by the number of divisions.Every team that finishes last, and/or fails to win a game, may be relegated to the next lower division the following season, again assuming room.


Teams that finish first in the regular season or Playoffs in the highest division, in an age group, may request to play up in the next higher age group in one of the lower divisions.The Executive Board will not force the champion of the highest division in an age group to move up to the next older group, however.


GAASA assumes every team is the same from one season to the next, especially within a seasonal year.GAASA rules permit no more than four transfers within the seasonal year from fall season to spring season, and therefore teams should be roughly the same in the spring as they were in the fall.Coaches should note that it is illegal, under national rules, to force a player off a team roster unless he 1) moves too far away to participate with that team, 2) is injured to such an extent that he can no longer participate, or 3) is suspended by league, state or national authorities for a length of time exceeding the seasonal year.


However, some teams do disband or change due to player participation in other sports.GAASA will take this into consideration if you let us know at registration.However, if a team is roughly 65% the same from one season to the next, GAASA will treat this as an unchanged team regardless of the ability of the players who have come or gone.



Teams and players affiliated with GAASA are eligible to travel and play teams from other affiliated leagues, either in friendly games or in tournaments.The weekly publication Soccer America publishes a monthly list of soccer tournaments held throughout the United States and Canada, plus the major international events.It is important to note that USYSA players and teams are expressly forbidden from playing in other leagues, games or events not affiliated with USSF or USYSA--you may be suspended from GAASA for breaking this rule!


There are many tournaments held throughout Ohio-North, our USYSA State Association.These tournaments and the Snickers State Cup Tournament do not require travel permits from the state offices.All other tournaments held outside Ohio-North boundaries, except the National Youth Championship, do require a travel permit.If your team wishes to enter a tournament, please make sure you check with GAASA to make certain you have kept your team legal by state and national standards throughout the seasonal year.Then obtain a blank Permission To Travel form from the league registrar or the state office.†††


Follow the instructions for preparing the Travel Permit, submit it to the State Office: Ohio Youth Soccer--North, P.O. Box 367, Richfield, OH 44286, phone 330-659-0989, FAX number 330-659-0993.Kay Catlett is Executive Director of OYSA-N, and the street address is 4615 W. Streetsboro Road, Richfield, OH 44286.Make sure you get it back approved before leaving for your tournament.No sanctioned tournament will permit you take part without a travel permit and your league player passes.






In GAASA, players and coaches can receive red and yellow cards.Two yellow cards equal a red card and an ejection from the match.Ejected players or coaches must leave the area immediately.The referee has the authority to issue both red and yellow cards from the time he arrives at the field to the time he leaves it.The referee never has to warn a player or a coach before issuing either yellow or red cards.Generally, cards will be shown, but it is not necessary for the referee to show the card in order for disciplinary action to be taken.


The Disciplinary Committee will monitor yellow Card reports.Disciplinary action may be taken, with or without warning, against habitual and repeat offenders.Such action may include phone calls from the Disciplinary Committee to the participant, coach or club officers, letters of warning or reprimand, and/or summons to a disciplinary hearing.However, it is never necessary for any of these actions, or any other form of warning, to occur before stronger disciplinary action can be instigated when deemed necessary by the Disciplinary Committee or the Executive Board.


The GAASA Disciplinary Committee will handle Red Cards.The coach of the team to which the coach or player was registered will be notified of the committee decision in about 2 weeks or less after the red card report has been received by the committee from the Referee Liaison.


This policy means the player or coach will serve a minimum suspension of however many games occur within this time frame because the league will have the Player Pass throughout the disciplinary/appeal process, and, "no pass, no play".


Note that every disciplinary action for various Red Card infractions stated in the GAASA Constitution, Bylaws, and elsewhere, is always stated as minimum.You may be suspended for many more games than the stated minimum, and the Disciplinary Committee has the power and authority to suspend any participant, including spectators, for up to 99 years.Every Red Card will be evaluated on an individual basis and there is no appeal to precedent.Player Passes will be held by the Disciplinary Committee and returned to the team coach upon the completion of the suspension.


In the event a coach is red-carded, the club president and the coach will be notified.If the coach fails to heed the disciplinary action handed out, the team will be barred from further participation for the season, and sterner measures may be taken.This could cause the team forfeit policy and/or club bond forfeit policy to automatically be invoked. The club officers will also be held accountable for further actions within the team.


It is the responsibility of the coach to insure sportsmanlike conduct of players, spectators and guests on and off the field of play, all players and guests on his sideline, as well as any spectators and guests who are there for his team no matter which side they are on.A coach can receive a red card as a result of the actions of spectators, players, or anyone on his sidelines or related to his team in any capacity.There is no room in soccer for fighting, unnecessary rough play, or harassment of any kind by or towards any player, coach, spectator or referee.


The coach's Game Report is the ONLY vehicle to use to express problems concerning a match, including dissatisfaction with the performance (not the judgment) of the referee.Red cards issued by a referee for harassment or unsportsmanlike conduct directed at the referee will be dealt with harshly.










1 -- ALL protests for any corrective and/or disciplinary action must be submitted in writing in a timely fashion to GAASA


2 -- The GAASA Disciplinary Committee shall deal with all protests.


3 -- Protests shall be written in triplicate: One copy for the opposing team; one copy mailed with a protest fee of $25.00 to the Executive Vice President within 48 hours after the date of the game and/or incident; retain the final copy yourself.


4 -- The protest fees shall be returned ONLY if the protest is upheld.


5 -- The referee's judgment(s) with regard to the physical condition of the field, its acceptance for play, to the actual happenings and occurrences related to the conduct of the match and those prerogatives granted him by the FIFA Laws of the Game SHALL NOT BE CHALLENGED.





1 -- Before there can be an appeal, there must first be a ruling.Only Disciplinary Committee and Executive Board rulings may be appealed.Decisions of a referee can never be appealed.


2 -- Appeals will take place, by invitation only, at GAASA Executive Board meetings.The Executive Board will permit the person appealing, the division commissioner and witnesses to attend during the time set aside for hearing the appeal.


3 -- A statement limited to 5-7 minutes from the person appealing may be heard; witnesses are limited to 5 minutes each; papers may be presented.


4 -- The total time limit for the appeal is 10 minutes as this is not a hearing, but a request to the Board, for a change in a decision that has already been made.


5 -- Board members are permitted to ask questions, limited entirely to the particular matter at hand, not regarding other charges that may be pending against other persons in the case.


6 -- The result of the findings will be sent to the person(s) involved within twenty-eight (28) days of the date of the appeal.







Indoor soccer is a rapidly growing sport in this area, and your team may wish to continue playing together indoors between the fall and spring outdoor seasons.


OYSA-N and GAASA do not sanction or affiliate indoor soccer or recognize it as an actual soccer activity.We will not take disciplinary action against players who take part in indoor soccer activities, but we may take note of such activities when they may affect team placement, player recruiting, and tryout and transfer issues.OYSA-N insurance does not cover any of your indoor soccer activities, including the play by our Greater Akron Premier.


OSA-N (the senior body) does affiliate some local indoor facilities, and their insurance may cover senior players for this indoor activity.However, an OSA-N affiliation does not cover youth players, and every player who is concerned about insurance issues should check with the building management where they play to determine the extent of coverage.


OYSA-N rules require that a player leave his currently rostered team and obtain a release before contacting, trying out for, or playing on another team.While these rules do not prevent a player from playing on an indoor team, since OYSA-N and GAASA have no jurisdiction over indoor soccer, playing for a different indoor team than the team to which the player is rostered outdoors could constitute a tryout with that team.If that player should attempt to roster to that new team the following spring, the transfer could be denied on the basis of the illegal tryout.


The best policy for any players considering a team switch is to obtain a release at the end of the fall season.This allows players to try out for new teams.Coaches should note that it is illegal, under national rules, to 1) force a player off a team roster unless he moves too far away to participate with that team, 2) is injured to such an extent that he can no longer participate, or 3) is suspended by league, state or national authorities for a length of time exceeding the seasonal year.It is also illegal to deny a release to a player who wishes to leave a team, regardless of the reason.


If you have any questions about indoor soccer, please consult a GAASA Executive Board member before you take a chance on breaking any of our rules.


See our website www.gaasa.org for the names of the current Executive Board as well as up-to-date information.